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What is GetMathsFit? 

GetMathsFit is a highly effective online maths tuition program that really does teach maths to students without the need for a private tutor or access to other maths teaching and learning material.

This means:

Students will be taught every piece of knowledge and skill from 1st principles ensuring they understand eveything. No other online maths tuition programme offers this.

Practice is done after teaching and demonstration thereby increasing retention, performance and enjoyment. Student confidence grows quickly when they know ''they can'' rather than believe "they can't"

Time invested is rewarded. Learn in 5 minutes what 5 years of school maths lessons could have taught but mybe hasn't for you.

GetMathsFit lessons provide a complete and thorough grounding in each maths subject by covering each in detail without assuming what the student may or may not already know. Everyone starts at their beginning and builds at their own, optimum, pace.

Written by expereinced maths teachers GetMathsFit will teach you the maths needed to thrive, from basic arithmetic to integral calculus, in a clear and progressive way so that you genuinely will 'get it'!  

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Online maths lessons that really do work!

getmathsfit works




  • Over 100 hours of teaching time
  • Over 3,500 individual lessons
  • Lessons lasting from 1 to 5 minutes, the average being 2 minutes long
  • 3 main learning zones organised around age groups rather than key stages, from 11 to 19
  • A syllabus neutral approach that teaches progressively, from basic to advanced Maths
  • Nothing assumed – learning takes place at a seamless, step by step pace designed to ‘fit’ the student
  • Students log in to their own learning zone with full course lists and more to aid personalised learning from home
  • It's like having a patient and tireless teacher on hand 24 hours a day to explain and teach whenever you call – repeat lessons as many times as you need
  • Confidence grows in students who previously thought they were ‘no good at Maths’
  • Check your answers against fully worked out model answers to assess your progress

How GetMathsFit works

GetMathsFit teaches by introducing key Maths concepts and skills using animation, audio, text and diagrams so you can watch, listen, read, practise and repeat as teaching takes place.

Learning then flows naturally.

Students typically set aside around half an hour, two or three times a week, to login to their GetMathsFit learning zone where they

  • Listen to the lesson – the teacher introduces the topic and explains everything from the basics (before moving to the advanced), like how and why a concept works
  • Watch the lesson – the program uses clear and simple animations to illustrate and explain worked examples so you can see how it is done as well as hear the teacher explain and demonstrate
  • Read and view explanations – you will also be able to make use of text and diagrams to enhance your understanding of what you are learning
  • Progressively taught – examples are repeated while slowly building in complexity so learning develops sequentially in layers, like building a brick wall
  • Practice – the teacher invites you to try the Maths exercises yourself to ensure you ‘get it’
  • Repeat practise – repeat the lesson as many times as you like until you are confident you’ve cracked it
  • Self test – once you’ve completed a chapter and are ready you will be invited to test your Maths fitness level through self assessment