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KS3 maths lessons

GetMathsFit 11 - 14

This is a crucial stage in maths tuition that will test the foundation of previous maths learning to support building toward more complex and abstract maths tuition. If the maths tuition works for you here then you're very likely to succeed later in GCSE maths and workplace maths. If you are behind at 11 years old then, chances are, without extra help you'll stay behind!

In school maths lessons students are supposed to be developing the ability to think about Maths in more logical ways, to use conjectures and hypotheses, and to develop greater sophistication in their ability to use mathematical language. The maths tuition at this age is geared towards developing these maths skills. In other words exploring what ways the early maths tuition of aritmetic and numbers can be made to work in the real world and also in the 'maths world'.

If your arithmetic is not up to much then school maths lessons will be no fun! Subscribe now and make sure you not only keep up, but get ahead!

Will maths tuition help?

You will likely realise that you need maths tuition when struggling to do your maths homework or feeling frustrated in your maths lessons in school. That's a good start! You've identified a need for maths tuition that suits you. GetMathsFit's online maths tuition will help by getting you to identify and fill in the gaps in your maths skill or knowledge. Quite simple really. The online maths tuition will teach you the maths you are expected to know at the beginning and teach you progressively for the long-run right through high school maths lessons. By the 'beginning' we mean numbers and addition, the very beginning of maths lessons, so you will definetely find your gaps and that your ability to do maths and to complete maths lessons significantly improves. For an overview of the huge range of online maths tuition areas see the subject areas listed on this page.

What will you find in GetMathsFit 11-14?

The GetMathsFit 11-14 online maths tuition programme teaches everything you need to know in order to move on and to confidently study maths at senior level. You will be taught:

Subject Lessons   Teaching Time (hours)
• Numbers 405   10
• Junior Algebra 341   11
• Junior Geometry 502   15
• Statistics 168   4
• Trigonometry 103   2
Total maths tuition