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Affordable Bespoke School Maths Teaching Solution

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GetMathsFit will configure the lessons so that each year and student group has the optimum lesson pathway scheduled specifically for them.

Pressures on maths teaching

There are more maths learning resources available now than at any time in history; from text books to online resources like BBC Bitesize, maths revision sites and even individual school sites.

Exam grades have got better yet there is urelenting pressure to improve results and stem the tide of criticism of students' maths skills for university and work.

The internet has made it easy to disseminate the vast quantities of maths material so volume is not the issue.

Time for the teachers to teach and the students to learn

As most maths teachers can tell parents; with 20+ students in a class of varying abilities, interest levels and motivation there is rarely an ideal teaching environemnt for all. Time is the constraint.
If the ideal environment in your school would be more closely reached by delivering more relevant, high quality maths teaching at the time and frequency you choose for every single student then GetMathsFit's bespoke school solution can help. It can help you deliver the maths teaching to unlock better grades and increase student engagement.

Think of it as making private maths tuition an affordable in-school service that your teachers can deliver to your school's students!

 GetMathsFit's In-School Solution

Bespoke teaching pathways for individual students & student groups clustered in the way you choose. E.g. by grade objective, class or learning style.  

Schedule your school's GetMathsFit teaching for delivery across terms or even down to specfic weeks and days. Do so across the years, classes or student groups enabling every student in your school to be taught at their own optimum pace.

GetMathsFit's e-learning platform allows your school to design a learning path to suit every student; whether struggling with the basic concepts of arithmetic or those wishing to explore Geometry or Trigonemtery beyond the curriculum.

3,500 animated lessons that you can use in class & students at home

Create learning paths for individual year groups, classes or any other group you want.

Contact GetMathsFit on 0845 319 1234 for a free quotation and demonstration on what you can do for your class or school.

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  • GetMathsFit teaches each concept is first defined and explained and then demonstrated by worked examples before the student practices and completes exercises to check on understanding, recall and their ability to apply the skills being taught.

  • It's free of gimmicks - it introduces concepts and skills using animation, audio, text and diagrams to reinforce learning – but once learning begins all potentially distracting colours and noise are reduced to avoid split attention. Split attention is where you are asked to focus on too many things at once; colours, movement, reading, drawing, sounds etc and so the key teaching. Many home tuition courses use too many stimuli in the blind hope that this will entertain a student who then, somehow, as if by magic, will learn. It really is a poor substitute for Maths teaching! If something needs to be learnt then it needs to be explained fully, demonstrated in various ways and repeatedly practiced. Short cutting any of these steps by replacing them with gimmicks is a sure fire way to miss something out and missing out Maths teaching leaves gaps in Maths learning.

  • It's syllabus-neutral - topics are not organised by Maths syllabus which can often confuse learning as they hop, skip and jump though Maths knowledge and skills, but follows through a seamless flow that links Maths learning progressively to match individual ability. It’s designed to ‘fit’ your true learning pace and not that you fit a pre-determined path set for the ‘average’ student.

  • It's thorough - the program covers the widest breadth and depth of material possible in a systematic sequential manner; that’s why it’s taken over ten years and countless revisions to get right.

  • It develops Maths fitness progressively – like sports fitness it develops your Maths fitness levels progressively, from very simple to highly complex meanings and skills, without skipping ‘connections’ along the way.

  • It makes no assumptions – it doesn’t assume what the student understands and knows, should know or where the connections between Maths concepts occur for each person. It teaches you step by step; you choose how quickly to step; you’re not forced to take big or quick steps if that doesn’t suit you. You can crawl, walk, jog or sprint through the lessons to suit your own maths learning objectives.