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GCSE maths lessons

GetMathsFit Ages 13-16

GetMathsFit's animated online maths lessons are gropuoed by maths subject so learners have the most natural and seamless learning experience possible. This saves the student time as well as effort.

Students will be working towards Maths GCSE or Maths A level at this stage. The subject will become increasingly more abstract as it advances but if teaching is done well students will hardly recognise this because concepts will be thoroughly grounded on the maths they have been taught and understand.

Competent learners will be able to think around and explain the abstract nature of Maths in areas such as logical, spatial and algebraic variables, and even to recognise the use of these variables in a wide range of real world purposes so make sure that you can by getting to grips with these skills and the ones upon whicj theyr are founded.

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Need GCSE Maths help?

It is not unusual to need a little help as you Maths study towards your GCSE Maths or A level Maths. 

You may find yourself struggling to complete Maths lessons or struggle with Maths revision – you just can’t seem to work out Maths ‘why it works’ and ‘how it should work’! With its unique approach to online Maths tuition, GetMathsFit can help you plug those learning gaps with Maths teaching that will sharpen your understanding. Take a look at the subject lesson areas listed on this page to see what is covered.

What will you find in GetMathsFit 13-16?

GetMathsFit 16-19 contains everything you need to learn and understand to pass GCSE, and to move on to A level Maths with confidence. You will find:

Subject Lessons   Teaching Time (hours)
• Senior Algebra 591   14
• Senior Geometry 375   12
• Statistics 311   6
• Trigonometry 443   8
Refuel - includes all the earlier lessons so you've got everything in one location.
• Numbers
• Junior Algebra 341   11
• Junior Geometry 502   15
Your total learning experience: 2,968   76 hours