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GetMathsFit publishers, Squirrel Publications Ltd, was founded by husband and wife team Paul and Martine Brasseur. Amazed at the absence of any kind of product that truly filled the gap between private tutor and self study they determined to do what no other publisher had done; namely, commission the authoring of a course that would cover all school Maths (in the UK from KS3 to KS4 / GCSE up to and including A-Level) in such a way that students could be taught Maths effectively in a way they could understand and use in school, in life and at work.

With no Maths background themselves, over the subsequent 15 years Paul and Martine became the bane of the teachers authoring the material. Nothing was to be left out because it was “obvious”… after all, “obvious” to a Maths teacher may mean quite a leap for a student!

The premise was that anyone can start the course with the certainty that every concept and tool would be fully explained, placed in context and demonstrated across a range of scenarios before self-exploration took place. Learners of any age and ability could use the knowledge and skills themselves. All exploration would have fully worked-out answers so students could learn from their mistakes and understand their progress.

What students find the most helpful is that this breadth and depth is guided by a teacher with over 100 hours of high quality teaching. Think about how long a teacher actually talks in a 40 minute Maths lesson: say 15 minutes teaching explanation? Taking you from “what is a number?’’ to “how do I integrate inverse trig functions in calculus?’’ and everything in between – with a teacher who never tires and goes at the pace just right for you, it works!

Why Choose Us?

We’ve approached Maths learning from the perspective of the learner, so we understand what learners feel when searching for Maths help! Squirrel Publications believes that for effective learning to take place, whoever is studying must be motivated and have access to as many entry points for them to understand, explore and practice so that they learn and develop good Maths skills.

The author or teacher has to therefore be thorough, inclusive and comprehensive. Short cuts are illusory and mostly driven by commercial factors. We have avoided these to ensure the highest quality standards.

After 10 years working to redevelop the original text book and CD program into a new e-learning format complete with animation, we’re confident you will find learning with GetMathsFit convenient, flexible and, most importantly, that it works. The new e-learning program launched in 2011 and offers anyone who needs help with Maths the ease and ability to get the support that is right for them.