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A-Level maths lessons

GetMathsFit Ages 16-19


A-level maths lessons can be a bit of a shock, even for those who found GCSE maths not too bad!

The best way to not only stay with the pace but get ahead is to ensure taht each A-level maths skill has a solid foundation; whetehr it's quadratic equations in algebra or double angle formulae in trigonmetry. 

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Need A Level Maths help?

If you need a better understanding of Maths, whether to help with Maths revision, Maths assignments or Maths exams, Get Maths Fit is ideal. The program offers a range of lessons to strengthen your competency in Maths by helping you to identify and plug any gaps in learning that may be letting you down. Because of the interconnected nature of Maths, by taking the steps to tackle any weaker areas, you will find that all other areas of your Maths knowledge benefits. Use the online tuition to learn at your own pace at home. See the subject areas listed for an overview of the lessons covered.

What will you find in GetMathsFit 16 - 19?

GetMathsFit 16-19 contains everything you need to learn and understand to pass A level Maths. You will find:

Subject Lessons   Teaching Time (hours)
• Senior Algebra 591   14
• Senior Geometry 375   12
• Trigonometry 633   12
• Calculus
428   12
Refuel - includes further lessons so you can brush up on anything missed.
• Numbers
• Statistics
311   6
• Junior Algebra 341   11
• Junior Geometry 502   15
Your total learning experience: 3,586
92 hours